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Arsenal to focus on the £150milliin project Areta is building The Gunners should focus on the £150million project Areta is building and let the loss at Anfield blow over.

Arsenal fans are saddened by the 4-0 loss to Liverpool. The game had started well but never ended well. Despite their loss, Arsenal has taken steps towards bringing back European football to their Emirates this season.

Keogh kick adviced Arsenal’s ” let’s see how we boil over with this, let’s see how we react because if we can come back and win Newcastle, then once again we are back on the right road.”

“We need not over react in the game against Liverpool, it was expected. I know the four-nil isn’t what we hoped for but at Anfield, we never performed well so let’s just forget about it and focus on a good performance against Newcastle.

Keogh adviced Arsenal to focus on the £150million project Areta is building Keogh also commented on why Arsenal fans has suddenly turned their backs on Areta because of the loss against Liverpool. He stated that before now, he was said to be creating new culture and squad togetherness in the club. Why has people thrown that in the bin, where has all that suddenly gone to.

He maintained that Arsenal is one of the best teams in the league and the best in Europe and that the 4-0 loss to Liverpool shouldn’t change that. He also added that Areta should be given till the end of next season before his sack called up by fan base is considered.

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