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The death of Atawin FowlerOn Sunday 21th November 2021, Atawin Fowler was confirmed dead.

The six year old kid is a native of Maiami he is known because of his viral video “where are we about to eat at.”

Atawin Fowler has undergone 25 surgeries since the doctors confirmed in July 2015 that he had an AUTOIMMUNE ENTEROPATHY (AIE) a rare immune deficiency disorder which attacks his intestines.

The first four years of his life was an Everlasting fight and a crucial experience for his family.

A post appeared on his instagram account yesterday Sunday 21 2021 which reads “The pain in my heart is like no other, Why God!!!

Death of Atawin FowlerThe cause of his death has not been verified yet but he has battled immune disease the first four years of his life.

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