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One of the investors in chinmark Ponzi scheme Nuella dies days after committing sucide
Chinmark group

An investor by name Nuella, who invested in the crashed Ponzi scheme by Chinmark group died some days after attempting sucide.

According to information by our correspondent, Nuella invested a huge sum of money from her family’s account into the chinmark Ponzi scheme.

She was disappointed many times by the CEO of chinmark group, Marksman Ijioma Chinedu. Nuella was heartbroken and couldn’t bear the pain, so she decided to commit sucide which led to her demise.

Her sucide attempt was rescued by Charles Awuzie, Chief Executive Officer of Gemsbok Group. He took her to the hospital for medical attention before she died.

Mr Charles Awuzie confirmed Nuella’s death on his Facebook page and says he is heart broken.

He also revealed that a lot of women, including pregnant ones are victims of chinmarks Ponzi scheme.

Nuella, one of the investors in chinmark group Ponzi scheme has been reported dead He said….

” As I type this, a lot of women are in my inbox, telling me they may not make it..Nothing has broken me like Nuella’s death.

” Chinmark, you have caused an irredeemable loss. You have broken the hearts that trusted have drank the blood of the poor. Dear red king, you have been stained with a red blood. Is this a coincidence?

Rest in peace Nuella. There will be no peace for those who killed you.

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