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The best way to keep snakes out of your toilet is to make your home less attractive to snakes.

Cause of snakes in the toilet Ways to keep snakes out of your toilet

1. Keep windows and sliding doors in the bathroom closed.

2. Always clear the bushes around your house and burn them to make sure there are no snakes or other dangerous reptiles around the house.

3. Fumigated your toilet, sinks and your surroundings regularly with pesticides so as to chase away snakes.

4. Keep your surroundings clean, snakes can’t hide in a clean environment.

5.before using a toilet sink, always check inside the toilet sink before u sit on it and avoid using a public toilet it could be harmful to the health.

6. Repair all broken sewage pipes.

How can a snake enter the toilet

  • Snakes can enter the toilet points such as drains or vents in the bathroom.
  • Snakes can get into a toilet through an opening in the sewer or through septic tanks.
  • Snake can swim through a pipe because they can hold their breath for a long time.
  • When the bathroom windows are open, snakes can come into the toilet through open windows and doors.

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