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North Korea marked 10th death anniversary of Kim Jung IIKim Jung II ruled North Korea for 17 years until his death in December 2011, after successfully passing on power to his son Kim Jong Un.

The people of North Korea marked the anniversary on Friday at Pyongyang by bowing their heads in silence before the portrait of Kim Jung II and his father Kim II Sung, the founder of North Korea.

Three generations of Kim’s family has ruled the country with absolute authority since 1948.

Kim is seen as been ruthless and tyrant with an undying obsession to develop the country’s nuclear weapons even at the point of starving the population.

Kim Jung II marked 10th death anniversary on Friday North Korea is one of the isolated and censored country in the world, with its state media tightly controlling what the people see and hear.

Kim is seen giving guidance at economic, military and social venues in his frequent public appearance.

” Kim appears to want to reinforce the impression that he is young, virgorous, on the move. Qualities he gives to his nation as well.

” In North Korea, it is not a matter of being responsive to public opinion, but influencing how citizens view or regard the leader.

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