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Ned Nwoko and Laila charani divorce as a result of infidelity Billionaire businessman Ned Nwoko has cleared the air on the reasons behind the divorce between him and his Moroccan wife Laila charani.

In a statement released by his media team, Mr Ned explained that on their vacation in London, Laila neglected the kids and was violent to them.

He also said that his exstranged wife had a plastic surgery without his knowledge. Ned revealed that Laila was wayward and would go clubbing with another man leaving the kids on their own and when he had issues with the man, he sued him without letting the husband know about the incident.

Mr Ned claimed that he sponsored the vacation and paid for all the expenses incurred during the vacation.

The kids reported her to their father that their mother abandoned them and went clubbing, she beat the kids up.

Ned explained that her attitude was the reason he refused to see her when she returned to Nigeria as no man will tolerate such behaviour from his wife.

Who is Laila charani

Laila charani and Ned nwoko divorce storyLaila charani is a Moroccan model that moved the Nigerian after she married Mr Ned Nwoko.

Laila charani is the 5th wife of Mr Ned and has three children with him.

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