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American firm Equinix has acquired mainone with $320 million American firm Equinix has announced on Tuesday that it will expand into the African continent by acquiring mainone with $320million.

Mainone is a data centre based in west Africa and its located in Nigeria,Ghana and cote d’ ivoire.

Eugene Bergen equinix EMEA president said that they have always wanted to expand in Africa. Mainone can help in the further expansion of our buisness model and growth objectives, beacause of their complementary data and connectivity asset’s.

Growth of data consumption in Africa is one of the fastest in the world. By acquiring mainone, Equinix can gain access to key internet exchanges enabling low latency to key global networks including Amazon, Microsoft apple, Google and Facebook.

Mainone generates a $60 million revenue annually.

Equinix noted that the deal with mainone is expected to close at the first quarter of 2022.

When was mainone founded

Mainone was founded in 2010 by Funke Opeke and has three data centres, one in Nigeria, Ghana and cote d’ ivorie.

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