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What in wakanda Inu crypto Wankanda Inu, a brand new crypto coin with an African root came from meme fuelled base, it redefines how we value each other, promote social good and elevate our social consciousness. Wakanda Inu is already on its way to continuing this legacy with a more attractive value proposition.

Dodgecoin, a joke currency that started as a meme is on the crypto top 10 list currently with approximately $35billion market capitalisation while shiba Inu, a newer meme sensation launched last year is now outside the top 10 list with its market capitalisation almost at $30 billion.

Wakanda Inu is the first African coin to gain world wide recognition and it is doing it in grand style. It was launched over 72hours ago the wakanda Inu’s community has grown massively, and the movement seeks to take an active role in fostering poverty alleviation, promoting charity, spreading crypto awareness and bolstering the aspirations of people everywhere.

The wakanda Inu movement started as a community powered, leaderless movement and it seeks to remain that way. It is a movement that stands for desire, zeal and diligence built into the collective African and global subconsciousness.

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